Trust Shipping Group escrow service can be used for the trading of any legal goods as any vehicles and electronics with the exception of real estate, services and intangible items. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse service for any transaction if clear documentation cannot be clearly verified in country of provenience..

What is Trust Shipping Group ?

Trust Shipping Group is a safe payment system for the Internet that protects both buyer and seller. As a trusted third party, Trust Shipping Group collects, holds and releases funds online, according to transaction terms agreed upon by the Buyer and Seller. .

What does Trust Shipping Group do?

We are a one stop shop for selling your quality merchandise on eBay, Classifieds websites, including appraisals, research, photos, customer service, payment processing and packing & shipping.
* Protects buyers and sellers equally
* Pays the seller when the buyer is satisfied
* Refunds the buyer with the seller’s approval
* Creates an environment where honesty thrives and fraud cannot survive. .

Does Trust Shipping Group support users outside the US?

YES ! Trust Shipping Group supports sellers who have the ability to pay using the Trust Shipping Group system and payment options. We offer our services in United States, Canada, Europe and Asia..

How does Trust Shipping Group work?

Trust Shipping Group payment service can be used for transactions that begin in other venues, such as eBay, Classifieds websites. A Trust Shipping Group transaction officially begins when an offer is accepted and the buyer has successfully registered and sent the payment as instructed in the Trust Shipping Group invoice. At this time, Trust Shipping Group can safely ship the item to the buyer, since funds are verified, collected and placed in a secure account.
Once the item arrives, the buyer has up to 10-days to approve the transaction. The seller cannot be paid until the buyer approves, and the buyer cannot collect a refund unless the seller approves. Since neither the buyer nor seller can ever have both the money and the item at the same time, both parties are protected. Most transactions are approved and completed within 24 hours of delivery..

Can I use Trust Shipping Group on eBay and Craigslist?

YES. Trust Shipping Group is the safest way to buy or sell anything, to anyone, anywhere on the Net – eBay, Classifieds websites. It can also be used to safely complete private party transactions.

Do I need to register to use Trust Shipping Group?

YES. You must register to use Trust Shipping Group, but it’s fast, free and easy. Don’t worry, your privacy is important to us! We will never give your details to the other party or your contact information..

I’m a buyer. How do I pay a seller?

Once your offer is accepted, the next step is to register on our website by using the registration form. This will confirm all of the details of your order, and provide us with necessary shipping and contact information. As soon as the registration details are verified and confirmed with the seller, we will send an invoice with the payment instructions and the transaction details. You must send the money to our Financial Department and email us the payment receipt. We will collect your payment and hold it until you receive and approve your purchase. That’s it! Just say the word and we’ll pay the seller.

I’m a seller. How do I get paid?

You will be notified by email once the buyer receives and approves the item. Just follow the link to the site and provide us with your account number. We’ll automatically deposit the proceeds from your sale (less the small transaction fee) directly to your bank account.

I’m a buyer. How do I buy something listed on Trust Shipping Group ?

Once you find something you want to buy on Classifieds websites, simply click the “Register” link from our website and enter the details on the page. You can enter the seller’s asking price, or make your own offer. If an offer is made, we must consult with the seller and see if your offer is accepted. If the seller’s response is positive, Trust Shipping Group will send you an invoice prompting you to send the payment to our Financial Department. Trust Shipping Group will then collect and hold your payment, and the seller will be notified that your order can be shipped. You’ll receive an email when your item is sent, and we’ll even track it for you. Once it arrives, you’ll have up to 10-days to approve the sale so we can pay the seller.

Can I pick up my item sold on Classifieds?

Items sold on Classifieds websites are not available for pick up from our warehouses. Large items like vehicles, RV’s, boats, etc, are being held at our warehouses and will be shipped anywhere in the United States for the price listed on Classifieds websites or the final price negotiated with the seller.

What if I don't like the item?

No problem, we offer a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to inspect the item before the seller will have access to the payment. If by any chance the received item is not exactly as described, we will send you a full refund and take the item back. The seller will be responsible for the shipping fees.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bank Transfers for all United Shipping Carriers transactions. Visa and MasterCard payments are available at our offices only.

How long before I receive my item?

We usually start the shipping process in 24 or 36 hours from the payment confirmation and will deliver the item in maximum 5 working days.

I registered but I never received an invoice?

We usually issue invoices in a maximum of 24 hours from the moment you register. If you do not receive it in your Inbox folder, you should also check your Junk or Bulk folders because our invoice contains encrypted information and might be blocked. If you did not receive it at all you should contact our Customer Support department.

What is a Transaction ID# and where can I find it?

The Transaction ID# is a unique 10 digit number assigned to your transaction which you can use to check your transaction status during your transaction period. You can check your transaction status on our Home page. The Transaction ID# is issued to you only after you register and start a transaction NOT before.